OBS Live Streaming with a handheld camera and an iPad

One of my awesome teachers in the LS who is always on board with leveraging technology for the betterment of our school had a simple request at the end of the 2016-17 school year... can we stream the 5th Grade Award Ceremony for the parents/grandparents who can't be there in person?

Barring no issues with Internet connectivity or bandwidth issues, I didn't see why not! But of course, a simple request wasn't so simple. At least not with the equipment at our disposal. But I knew OBS could do the trick. It's a popular tool with our student interns and the Twitch streamers and as it stands I know one of our superstar teachers was already using OBS screen capturing to combine Minecraft and Theatre.

I had two criteria for this mission:
  1. stream the event (derp derp)
  2. switch between two cameras for multiple views
The first was quite simple, so long as my computer and my network both maintained solid connections to our Internet service provider, life would be good. The second took a bit more finagling.

Basically none of the cameras available to us had DirectShow built into them (like most WebCams do). The importance of DirectShow is  so I couldn't use the Video Capture function of OBS. I basically conjured up two workarounds. 

The first is using an iPad app called EpocCam that can stream video over the network to a computer. OBS still doesn't consider it a video source however so I busted out a second monitor and used the "Window" option to stream the iPad footage.  The reason for the second monitor is that any other computer Window overlayed on top of that one also gets streamed and we must have OBS up on one screen to control the broadcast. The only downside to EpocCam, at least at the time in May 2017, is that you can only have one iPad streaming at a time.

As mentioned for the Canon, there is no DirectShow driver for it. We did have the HDMI cable which outputs the LCD screen to an external source, however our laptops only have HDMI out, not in. Thankfully one of our gamer interns had an Elgato capture card (first generation) taking HDMI in and outputting it over USB as that coveted Video Capture option in OBS. My friend lent me a nice Sony DSLR that also had and HDMI out, but it would only output exactly what was on the LCD screen which included the square crosshairs for lining up shots. I found all the settings to disable that on the Cannon, but couldn't find similar settings on the Sony. Cest la vie!

All that streamed to a YouTube event I setup with my school's email account. If you schedule the event through YouTube, you can share the event link ahead of time. Wish I could share the finished product, but it's a private video. 


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